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Just Released – DreaganGrey by Nan Klee


DreaganGrey by Nan Klee

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Coming Soon – DreaganGrey by Nan Klee


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Nan Klee






The main doors of the Apperson Psy-Clinic opened into a reception area much smaller than that of the lunar hospital. On the right, four clients waited in comfortable blue or green chairs near the Southern Check-in desk. On Samantha’s left, the clerical staff moved quickly about their routine duties. Psychologically soothing music seeped in from camouflaged speakers hidden throughout the room. The recycled air had been scented with a light aroma of clove this time, she noted. Medical intern Joel Brogan waved from his position in the Information Booth a few meters in front of her. With a smile Sam quickly made a loose U-turn and moon-bounced up the carpeted green stairs. Passing a number of clerks’ cubbies still unoccupied in the early morning, she scowled down the narrow, green hallway at her office and the hundreds of issues she needed to catch up on.

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Free Book Tuesday – Vinakti Duet by Nan Klee

Vinakti Duet 1000

Free Book Tuesday

Vinakti Duet available Free! on Amazon Tuesday, November 22 to Saturday November 26

Vinakti Duet

Nan Klee

Available on Amazon

Vinakti is a Sanskrit word for “he who is set apart”. Vinakti Duet is a science fiction romance set on a desert planet where an orphaned half-breed, now successful business woman of rare paranormal talents, must confront her destiny with the handsome and equally talented off-worlder who may be responsible for her father’s death.